Crystal Reiki



Face to Face Service is Unavailable at Present

I can recommend crystals for your own use via Skype. Please contact me for any help you may need.


A Crystal Reiki treatment is where crystals are combined with a Reiki session to amplify the healing power. Crystals vibrate at specific frequencies.


Crystals are placed in healing layouts or grids on and around your body which is based on your needs at that time which could be physical or psychological.


A good example of Crystal Reiki: If you would like help with Headaches we would use Amethyst surrounding by Selenite. These are Lilac / Blue crystals.


A Crystal Reiki treatment can be incorporated into a Reiki Session therefore the cost is still £30 for the session. You do not pay twice for the Reiki then the Crystals addition.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.


I hold a Diploma in Crystal Reiki in which I gained a Distinction. This qualification is accredited with the Centre of Excellence.