Traditional Tarot 


I am new to Tarot, completing my Accredited Diploma in June 2020 in which I gained a Distinction. It takes years for someone to learn the cards inside out as Tarot has a complex and rich symbolism.

With this in mind I would like to offer practice readings for a vastly reduced price. In this session I may need to refer to my literature to be exact. It will be an accurate and authentic reading, completed as prescribed.

This is a great way for you to experience Tarot and for me to gather my skills.

I can offer this for £10.

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Many believe that the tarot works by providing a framework for the reader to analyse a problem or situation and explore future options by considering the past that has created the present.



Applying the meaning of a card to the question means that the mind has to look for meanings and links that it wouldn’t usually consider, and so fresh insights are found.

Consider Future Trends

Rather than considering that the cards describe a future set in stone, take the approach that the cards show likely future trends and problems that can be worked with or avoided. 

Reiki Warrington

I love tarot and always find them intriguing. They have the ability to provoke thought. I would recommend anyone give them a go at least once.

I use the Rider Waite Traditional Pack.

I have an accredited Diploma in Tarot Reading in which I gained a Distinction.

I am based in Warrington, Cheshire