Hi, a little bit about me …. I previously worked for 30 years in private and uniformed services before deciding to take on my own business in helping others become the best they can be.

My skills are diverse and include Reiki Healing, Sleep Practitioner, Intuitive Coaching, Listening Service, Crystal Healing and Tarot. 

I am fully qualified in all the services I offer.

Astrid Warding

Reiki Healing Warrington

Sorry I am unavailable at present

My Audientis

This is an online listening / talking service if you need to talk someone in the comfort of your own home or a safe and secure place of your choice. Do you need to get something off your chest so you can get on with life? Maybe having an online listener is the way forward. Easy, accessible and affordable.

Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching can help you attune to your own psychological blocks and work on removing them. It works with you as an individual directly and can help you understand your pattern of behaviour and how your history and deep beliefs dictate who you are now. A different way of working.


As I completed my Accredited Diploma in June 2020, I would like to offer practice readings for a vastly reduced price. In this session I may need to refer to my literature, to be exact. This will be an accurate reading. A great way for you to experience Tarot and for me to gather my skills.

Sleep Clinic

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep or simply can’t drift off no matter what you try, you may have insomnia. If symptoms continue for more than a month, it may be time to consider getting some help and doing something about it.

Reiki Seichem

Reiki is a meditative practice that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and anxiety, and promotes a positive mental health. Seichem combines the earth energy of Usui Reiki and the elemental energies of Seichem. 

Crystal Reiki

Crystals are used with Reiki to prompt the mind, body and spirit to heal. It makes sense, given that crystals have been used for eons to heal illness and ailments. The effects felt can be deeply profound and relaxing. This is used with Reiki Seichem.

What I Offer


Holistic approach to stress and anxiety


A calm and relaxing space


A completely confidential service


Help you gain a bit of space from everyday life

A Dedicated and Professional Experience

I am fully qualified in all services offered on this website

All my qualifications are with accredited bodies